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a blogvey of sorts. - lost somewhere in the woods
March 2007
January 29th, 2007 12:23 am
a blogvey of sorts.

200. My middle name is: Danielle  

199: I was born on: March 9, 1987

198. I am: procrastinating

196. My eye color is: brown

195. My shoe size is: 6-6 1/2

194. My ring size is: ...?

192. My height is: 5'0"

191. I am allergic to: grass, trees, pollon, mold, nature.

190. I live in: vacaville and santa cruz

189. The last three books I read: Uhh, non-textbooks would include re-readings of HP HBP, Hitchhiker's guide, Sense & Sensibility

188. My bed is: not as comfy as my bed at home.

187. One thing I know for sure about the opposite sex: They're confusing.

186. I am glad I'm my sex because: I heart bleeding from a random oriface for a week every month.

181. Three things I live for: sleep, laughing, friends/family

179. My favorite Holiday is: still christmas

178. The perfect date is:  OMG OMG.  First it's dinner at a fancy bistro, then a movie, finished with a long walk on the beach at sunset.

177. The last three albums I bought are: don't even know the last time i was legit.

176. Last song that made me cry was: it's been a while so i don't know

172. My most treasured possession is: my music collection

170. What did you do last night?: chilled on youtube for like 3 hours.

167. My skin's reaction to the sun is (tan/burn): burn. easily.

143. Santa? is not real?

142. Love at first sight? not real.

141. Luck?: not much.

140. Fate?: is a nice theory.

138. Aliens?: ARE SO REAL.

136. Hell?: hella hot!

135. Ghosts?: highly doubt it.

134. Hero?: Bill Nye the Science Guy

135. Soulmates?  just a cheesy line guys use to get girls in bed.

:::::Which is Better?:::::

129. Hugs or Kisses? hugs

128. Drunk or High: sober!

127. Phone or Online? hate the phone. online!

126. Red heads or Black hair? for me? red.

125. Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes

120. Night or Day: night.

119. Oranges or Apples: apples

118. Curly or Straight hair: straight

:::::Here's What I Think About:::::

116. Abortion?: i'm all right for the WOMAN's choice, not a male politician.

115. Backstabbers? can die.

114. Parents? i love them!

110. School?: has its good and bad moments.

::::Last time I::::

103. Talked on the phone with someone: earlier today with my parentals.

102. Hugged someone: earlier tonight.

101. Seen someone I haven't seen in a long time: haven't seen anybody really this weekend.

99. Grew? been the same height for 7 years.


90. Who's the ditziest person I know: everyone has their days.

89. Who are the people who make me laugh the most: anybody?

87. One thing I'm pissed about right now is: my ovaries fucking suck.

83. The last movie I saw in the theater was: in the theatre? uh, Happily Never After?

82. The thing I don't understand is: my lack of motivation.

80. The most unsatisfactory answer I've ever received: Just cause.

79. The one thing I love about the opposite sex is: when they try to be all bad ass and then faili miserably.

76. Next summer I am: probably taking classes to get caught up with my major.

75. Something I will really miss when I leave home is: being unbelievably spoiled by my parentals.

74. The thing that I'm looking forward to the most: love.

73. Tomorrow: 2 classes, and homework in between.

72. Today: was okay, i guess.

71. Next Summer: will be here in a few months.

70. Next Week: more classes and more homework.

67. People call me: Becky, Becca, Bak-Bak, and Bug

64. The person I have been good friends with the longest is: i met gala and caleb around the same time

62. The person who knows the most about me is? probably jaya.

61. The person that can read me the best is: honestly, anybody.

60. The most difficult thing to do is: waking up early.

59. I have gotten a speeding ticket: i have indeed.

58. I have the following siblings: Amy

57. My favorite people are: family and friends. and Bill Nye.

56. My zodiac sign is: pisces.

55. The first person I knew i was in love with was: Alan Rickman.

53. The one person who can't hide things from me: Jaya.

51. Right now I am talking to: myself. I just noticed that there are hella numbers missing.

48. I have a job at: Brenden Theatres. Still.

47. I have these pets: ... :(

46. I wish I was: a superhero!

45. The worst sound in the world: anything that wakes me up.

44. The person that makes me cry the most is? movies in general.

41. I almost died when: i last drove home from santa cruz.

34. My favorite state? California

33. My favorite piece of clothing is: jeans + t-shirt = story of my life

32. My favorite sport to play is: badminton

31. Last time I cried: Grey's Anatomy on thursday

29. What I'm wearing right now is: undoroos, pj shorts, and an old band t-shirt

28. The school I go to is: UC Santa Cruz

27. The last person I got pissed off at was: my ovaries

26. My worst drinking experience was: HAH. perhaps when i nearly fell down the stairs and broke my neck?

24. The last movie I watched was: Leo

22. The all-time best movie is:  IMO, Dogma.

20. The all-time best thing in the world is: sleep

19. The most annoying thing ever is: repetitive noises.

18. I lose all respect for people who: argue with professors in class. SHUT THE FUCK UP, NOBODY CARES.

17. The movies I have cried at are: it's easier to count the movies i haven't cried at.

16. The worst pain I was ever in was: i try not to involve myself in situations that include pain.

10. My favorite phrase: it's not a phrase, but i have an excellent 'i'm gonna stare at you until you realize how dumb you just sounded' stare

9. My room is: newly arranged.

8. My favorite celebrity is: Alan Rickman.

6. My downfall is? not knowing when to stop.

5. My weakness is? my inability to confront people who bug me. i will be honest if they bring it up, but i can't bring up something on my own.

4. What turns me on? *cough*

2. I filled out 200 questions because? it's not homework.

1. Was it fun? sure.

And with that, i bid you all a good night.

(the end.)

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