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lost somewhere in the woods

here in my fort...

9 March
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Hello. My name is Becky. I'm a hardcore fan of procrastination and all things that come with it... i.e. Movies, internet, music, and making random art pieces.

I'm currently attending UCSC, and contrary to popular beliefs, I am not blazed all the time.

I end all entries with (the end.) because it adds a note of finality. i want (the end.) on my tombstone if i am burried.

I have a great talent for complaining and making crappy icons... It's a gift, really.

And if you're the person who signed my e-mail up for 10 porn subscriptions, I hate you. I really really REALLY hate you.

This is a list of my last played music:

(the end.)

accents, air conditioning, alan rickman, annoying people, anything gray, apple cider, arby's, astronomy, bandaids, beastie boys, bed, being a bum, being anal retentive, being stereotypically jewish, best buy, blinds, books, brad pitt, brenden theatre, bring it on, british boys, buddy christ, calendars, carpet, cds, chasing amy, cheap sweedish stuff, cheese, chocolate, christmas, chuck palahnuik, clerks, clouds, coldplay, comedy, complaining, cookies, crazy for you, dave & tim, dave matthews band, david sedaris, day dreaming, dogma, emus, fairy shrimp, fake fruit, family guy, festive party hats, fight club, finding nemo, flames, fog, gnats, gnomes, goats, gobstoppers, good omens, greek mythology, guavas, halogen lamps, hanukkah, harry potter, hating vacaville, holy grails, ice cream tuesdays, ikea furnature, insomnia, jack johnson, jewish boys, kevin smith, lardo lord of printing, latkes, laughing, legos, living, magnets, making crappy icons, mallrats, malts, markers, matches, memos, metatron, michael stipe, mike mills, mitch hedberg, money, monkeys, monster house, monty python, moo cans, mooby the golden calf, mooching off of everyone, mooses, movies, mp3s, my blankie, my job, my nissan sentra, mythology, naps, nebulas, nice jewish boys, oasis, ocean's 11, organizing things, oxygen, pencils, peter buck, pillows, pluto, presents, puppet shows, puzzles, radiohead, rem, rocks, sarcasm, sexual innuendos, sexy alan rickman, sharks, sharpies, shoe shopping, sleep, snape the potions maaaster, squids, stand-up comedy, staples, staring into space, stars, stone temple pilots, sugar packets, tape, the sloth toe gang, toffee, toffee peanuts, troy, typing, using sarcasm, vacaville, vh1, water, winco after 1 am, winter, wisconsin, yaks, zebras